środa, 25 kwietnia 2012

google formulare

Google appliction --> make some questonaire
1. problem

I am studying markieting I must to some  research between our students.
My research subject's about  advertising beer before Euro 2012. I must do reseach so fast as possible and make some notes. Lot of my friends haven't time to meet with me and answer questions.

2. Metodology:
I do my formulare with google application. It helps me do my research fast and send to my friends in the same day. Lot of people can answer those questions ever iIdon't know them.

3. Sum Up :

I've done my research for two days. I got about 200 filled questionaires . I need only my laptop and this appliction, I have more time to relax now, because I didn't have meet my friends and mates for all week.

   my short questionaire

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