środa, 25 kwietnia 2012


I travel a lot and I don't want to have my all files with me.
I want to share with my friends my new mix of song with using the Net.

Metody :

I have my Dropbox account.
So, I can seek my favorite files, I can use in my project.
I can catch my all music works in one place.

google reader

Problem :
I need more information and be in touch with the newest information.
I don't have my PC with me everywhere, so my android cn be very heplful


Google team prepared for android special Google reader.
I can read everywhere when I move each of news, what is more important for me.

Sum up:

google sholar

 Problem:  I want more and more. I need to get specialistic knowledge

database is the most widest on the specialistic in the Net.

Anytime, anywhere access

  " How can I import references from Google Scholar?
Answer: You will need to configure Google Scholar to send references to EndNote. Then you will be able to send references to EndNote by clicking on the "Import into EndNote" link.
Follow these steps to configure Google Scholar to send references to EndNote:

  1. Go to the Google Scholar home page at http://scholar.google.com
  2. Click on the "Scholar Preferences" link.
  3. Under "Bibliography Manager" select the option "Show links to import citations into" and choose "EndNote" in the drop down box.
  4. Click on the "Save Preferences" button.

Follow these steps to import search results into EndNote:

  1. After performing a search on Google Scholar click on the "Import into EndNote" link for the reference you want to import.
  2. If you are presented with a window asking if you want to "Open" or "Save" the file, choose to open the file.
  3. A "Select a Reference Library" window will appear, use this window to select the EndNote library you want the reference imported into.


iGoogle case study

I need check my e-mails
- check my the weather forecast
- check my facebook account
-some news for my country and the world
- and tv programme, because I want to wait for some film

in the morning when I am in the hurry.

Metodology :

I found my  iGoogle account.
In the morning I need open only one web site.


I check everything  before my school and work.

case study google spreadsheet

my problem:
I want to make a balance of payment and analyse cash flow of my company
- quick metody
- for everyone who need this datas
- visible for readers.


I caan use Exel (  more users have gmail.com account so it's very easy to open in google docs),
but Google Sheet is more easier to use and very helpful, when I want to chance some call including.

 For more information :

Conclusion : 
I can account, adds some positions  with one sheet. Everybody can chance something and everything can be visible with chances.

google formulare

Google appliction --> make some questonaire
1. problem

I am studying markieting I must to some  research between our students.
My research subject's about  advertising beer before Euro 2012. I must do reseach so fast as possible and make some notes. Lot of my friends haven't time to meet with me and answer questions.

2. Metodology:
I do my formulare with google application. It helps me do my research fast and send to my friends in the same day. Lot of people can answer those questions ever iIdon't know them.

3. Sum Up :

I've done my research for two days. I got about 200 filled questionaires . I need only my laptop and this appliction, I have more time to relax now, because I didn't have meet my friends and mates for all week.

   my short questionaire

case study google drawing

1. problem:
I want to creative some drawing , but I want to lot of people can open that.

2. Metodology:
I may use google drawing application because more of my friends have account on gmail.com.
I make my artistic expresion gmail.com --> my google docs --> make my google draw

3. conclusion :

Lot of my friends catch my photos and drawings  as soon as possible. On gmail.com account everybody can watch the same graphics on the same time.

enjoy !